Custom Enchantments

Alinea features a Minecraft vanilla-like survival experience. Every now and then the community will vote on custom enchantments. This list contains every custom enchantments that’s been added onto the server.

List of the custom enchantments



Balance changes

  • Unbreaking and mending are incompatible
  • Equipment traded from villagers will have curse of immutability.
  • Books traded from villagers will always be level I.

Enchanting Equipment

Enchanting TableEnchanting tableUsed for enchanting items
BookshelfBookshelfEach bookshelf (up to 15) increases the level of the enchantments given by the enchanting table
Lapis LazuliLapis LazuliRequired to power the enchanting table
AnvilimageUsed to combine enchanted items (tools, armor, weapons), add enchantments from books, or repair an enchanted item while preserving enchantments
GrindstoneGrindstoneUsed to remove all non-curse enchantments on an item (returning a small amount of experience), and optionally repair an item (for no experience)
Enchanted bookEnchanted bookCan be combined with another item through an anvil to add certain enchantments to the item
Unstable bookUnstable enchanted bookObtained by combining two normal enchanted books in a way that makes them go above the vanilla enchantment level limit.
Polished bookPolished bookResult of polishing an unstable book. Now it’s usable.
PolishPolishUsed to polish unstable books.

Summary of custom enchantments

Each enchantment in the table below includes attributes that are possible for the player to acquire legitimately in Survival mode.

EnchantmentShort DescriptionIncompatible EnchantmentsMax. Stable LevelMax. Unstable LevelCompatible Items
BindingItem stays with a player even after death.MendingXXXAny equipment
Bio GrafterItem repairs durability by consuming leaves.Unbreaking, Mending, Stone Grafter, Wood GrafterVXXAny
Charged Silk TouchBroken monster spawners drop as items.IPickaxe
Charged UnbreakingEquipment will never take durability damage.IAny equipment
CrusherBlocks broken drop their crushed version.Silk TouchXXPickaxe, Shovel
Curse of FragilityAny damage to the item will break it.IAny equipment
Curse of ImmutabilityEnchantments cannot be changed in an anvil.IAny equipment
Curse of InexperienceBlocks broken or mobs killed drop no experience.IAxe, Pickaxe, Shovel, Sword, Bow, Hoe
ExcavatorShovels out a large hole.VIIIXXShovel
HarvesterHarvests a large field of crops.VXXHoe
HooverItems are teleported straight into the player's inventory.MendingIAny equipment
Orb BoosterBoosts how much experience is dropped by ores broken and mobs killed.Fortune, Looting, Silk TouchVXXAxe, Bow, Pickaxe, Sword
PlanterAutomatically replants harvested crops.IHoe
QuarryQuarries out a large hole.VXXPickaxe
Stone GrafterItem repairs durability by consuming rocks.Unbreaking, Mending, Bio Grafter, Wood GrafterXXXAny equipment
Tree FellerChop down entire trees.VIIIXXAxe
Tree ShakerDig up clusters of leaves.VIIIXXAxe, Hoe
Vein MinerMines entire veins of ores.XIXXPickaxe
WarrantyItems restore to full durability when broken.UnbreakingXVXXAny equipment
Wood GrafterItem repairs durability by consuming wood.Unbreaking, Mending, Bio Grafter, Stone GrafterVXXAny equipment

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