Staff Team

Alinea would not be possible if it wasn’t for our amazing staff team. On this page you can find more information on how the staff hierarchy works, and who the current members are.


Everyone member of the staff team has a unique responsibility on the server. Nevertheless, everyone will ultimately fall under one of the following roles.


Administrators are the highest-ranking members of the staff team. They are responsible for the overall management of the server, and have the final say in all matters. They maintain the server’s infrastructure, by configuring, maintaining and updating the server’s hardware and software.


Moderators are responsible for managing the server’s community. They make sure the server stays a friendly and welcoming place for everyone, and are the first line of defense against rule-breakers. While the prime method of enforcing the rules is by mediation, they have the power to kick or ban members that are not following the rules.


Whitelist Gurus hold the keys to the server’s whitelist. They are responsible for reviewing whitelist applications and deciding whether or not to grant access to the server. They also have the power to remove members from the whitelist in extreme cases. While they are not responsible for enforcing the rules, they are expected to be intimately familiar with them.


Alinea currently has four members on its staff team. Below you can find more information on each of them.



Minecraft usernameBinero
Member sinceApril 2020

Jeroen, also known by his in-game name Binero, has been a Minecraft player since 2011. As one of the four original founders and the current sole owner of the Alinea SMP, he has been the driving force behind this thriving Minecraft community since its inception in April 2020.

Although he’s widely recognized by his IGN, Jeroen prefers to be addressed by his real name whenever possible.

Jeroen is also the brains behind the currently dormant BinCo, which was last active during the “Alinea Too Many Mods” season that ran on Minecraft 1.16. Back then, it was known as “BinCo Bindustries” and played a key role in the server’s bustling economy.

Apart from his entrepreneurial ventures, Jeroen’s talents extend to the technical side of Alinea. He curates and writes custom modifications for the server, ensuring a unique and exciting experience for all players.

The Alinea SMP has flourished under Jeroen’s guidance, attracting players from all over the world. With a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Alinea continues to grow, fostering friendships and memories that last a lifetime.



Minecraft usernameHerberts
Member sinceApril 2020

Herberts is an active member of the Alinea server community, having joined in April 2020. They became a moderator in November of that year and have since played a significant role in many of the server’s Christmas events and community projects.

During their time in Cave Town, Herberts helped create a unique wall featuring a range of flags, as well as supporting the community court house.

Although less active in Bobston, Herberts remains committed to helping new players and continues to make valuable contributions to the Alinea server.



Minecraft usernameMgcJeremy
Member sinceSeptember 2022

Jeremy joined Alinea on 4 September 2022. He is one of the most active players and got famous for his long continuous grinding sessions. He also socializes a lot with other players on the server.

His charming nature and dedication to Alinea and their community let him climb the ranks quickly. He became Whitelist-Guru on 10 October and a Moderator not even a month after, on 4 November.

Jeremy is the founder of MGC Corp., an active competitor to BlueBin. A popular nickname for MGC Corp. is MGC Magic-Walmart, because of their astonishing range of items being sold.

Jeremy, under his company MGC Corp, also founded “Upper Bobston”, a clearly seperated district of Bobston with Jeremy as their king and administering force.



Minecraft usernameWileazy
Member since7 December 2021

Willian joined on 7 December of 2021. Starting as a regular player before quiting on January 1st of 2022. He rejoined later that year on 17 December of 2022 and is known as “The Wiki Guy” for writing and designing most of the information about the server.

He was one of the first residents of Upper-Bobston living in his famous villa. He joined bases with Jeremy a few months later.

In January he became one of the project-leaders of the Market Square. Due to lack of time this stagnated and became famous as a project that’s never gonna be finished.

On February 2nd of 2023 he became an official Whitelist-Guru and on 26 February 2023 he officially joined Alinea Staff where he continues to contribute to the website.

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