Community Rules

Alinea is built on the values of respect, maturity, inclusivity, and safety for all members. To ensure that everyone can enjoy their time here, we’ve established some guidelines to foster a positive and friendly environment. As members of the Alinea community, it’s your responsibility to be familiar with and abide by our rules.

General Stipulations

  1. No Harassment: Harassment, threats, or bullying are strictly prohibited.
  2. Content Restrictions: Refrain from posting or sharing illegal, pornographic, or otherwise offensive material that a reasonable person would consider inappropriate for a public setting.
  3. No Discrimination: Discrimination, be it homophobia, sexism, racism, or any form of hate speech, will not be tolerated.


  1. Privacy: Respect the privacy of others.
    1. Personal Information: You may not share personal information about others, even if they gave you permission to do so. This includes, but is not limited to, names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts, photographs, and videos. If they want to share their information, they can do so themselves. If you are under 16, you may also not publicly share your own personal information.
    2. Facecams: Do not share links to YouTube videos or Twitch streams featuring a facecam or other real-life appearances of individuals under 16 who did not receive parental consent to do so.
    3. Consent: Always seek and secure permission before recording, streaming, or capturing any form of conversation or interaction. Respect requests to halt and erase any unauthorized captures.
    4. Respect DMs: Do not share or disclose the contents of direct messages (DMs) without the explicit consent of all parties involved.

Promotion and Advertising

  1. Promotion: Follow the guidelines below when advertising or promoting:
    1. Alinea Content: You are allowed to promote videos or streams about Alinea, if they have a clear and clickable link to the Alinea website in the description or on the stream overlay. The best place to do so is in our soapbox channel.
    2. Other Content: For any other form of promotion, you must first seek permission from an administrator. This includes promoting other Discord servers, fundraisers, websites, or videos or streams that do not meet the above criteria.

Content Quality

  1. Quality Content: Avoid low-effort content like spam or repetitive messages, and do not flood the chat. Thread titles must be neat and descriptive to their content.
  2. Channel Guidelines: Ensure you use the appropriate channels for specific discussions or content sharing. Adhere to any guidelines specified for individual channels. Not every topic is suitable everywhere. If unsure about where to post, consult a moderator or refer to the channel description.

Discord Usage

  1. Official Client: Only official Discord clients should be used to access the server. Use of third-party clients, especially those that keep track of deleted messages or reveal information the official clients do not present, is strictly prohibited. This is in line with the Discord Terms of Service.


  1. Impersonation and Representation: Do not impersonate others or claim false affiliations. Misrepresenting your identity is strictly prohibited. Do not create content that falsely appears official or endorsed by Alinea
  2. Respect Authority: Follow the instructions of moderators when they are enforcing the rules or otherwise moderating the server. Do not frivolously argue with them.
  3. Moderation Discretion: Moderators may deviate from these rules at their discretion, to uphold the spirit of the rules and maintain order in the community.
  4. Common Sense: Hot chocolate is made with milk, not water.