Bureau of Land Management


The Bureau of Land Management (“BLM”) is an official organisation within the Alinea SMP, and is responsible for managing all the land in the server’s main town. Because on Alinea players tend to live in close proximity to each other, there is an increased need for organisation and management of the land.

Specifically, the Server Administration has tasked the Bureau of Land Management with the following objectives:

  1. Attracting a diverse range of players to the main town.
  2. Cultivating a strong sense of community among the town’s residents.
  3. Ensuring that moving into the town is a viable and attractive option for new players throughout the season’s lifespan.
  4. Creating a visually appealing environment that players will enjoy living in.

The Bureau of Land Management operates under a charter, laying out the rules and guidelines that the organisation must follow. The current chairman of the BLM is Jamie (JameTheChicken in-game), and the only current co-director is Thibaut (Thibauleur in-game).

Rule Overview

The Bureau of Land Management has a set of rules that all players must follow.

Building Code

  1. Structures can be a maximum of 250m2250m^2 in size. This includes overhanging roofs and decorations.
  2. Structures can be a maximum of 20m20m high.
  3. Structures must have a mailbox with the player’s name on it.
  4. Basements may not exceed the footprint of the structure above it.
  5. Players may not build in protected areas, which include the vulcano and the water around the islands.

To build a structure that exceeds limit (1), players can buy a Construction Expansion License (CEL) from the Bureau.

License TypeMaximum Build Size
Medium CEL500m2500m^2
Large CEL1000m21000m^2
Mega CELunlimited

Inactivity Policy

The server rules are quite generous, but also ambiguous when it comes to inactivity. For the main town, the BLM has decided to implement a stricter inactivity policy.

All players are divided into the following categories, based on their seniority:

SeniorityProtection Lifespan
<7<7 days7 days
<< 1 month14 days
<3<3 months1 month
<6<6 months2 months
>6>6 months4 months

A player’s senirority is calculated by counting the days between a player’s first time and last time logging into the Minecraft server. A player’s builds will be protected for the duration of the Protection Lifespan, from the last time they logged in.

Charter and Current Regulations

You can view the charter and current regulations of the Bureau of Land Management here.