The Alinea SMP has various tweaks and changes to rebalance the Vanilla game. Most of these are to ensure that new players cannot rely on the progress of established players to skip ahead to the end game. Rebalances are typically voted on in the Discord by the whole community.


Ender Dragon

  1. The ender dragon has been made more powerful and more aggressive. She does a lot of explosive damage. The ender dragon in vanilla Minecraft can comfortably be killed with iron armour. To make her a proper end-game boss, the dragon has been buffed enormously. Since she does a lot of explosive damage, players are encouraged to use binding to prevent their items from being blown up after death.


  1. Endermen do not drop experience in the End dimension when killed. The enderman experience farm is extremely easy to build and outperforms nearly all experience farms in the game. By prohibiting endermen from dropping experience in the End dimension, players are required to build more custom designs. Traditional experience farms can also have higher yields than the base game if the player uses orb booster.

Iron Golems

  1. Iron Golems drop iron nuggets instead of iron ingots. This allows players to still get plenty of iron for personal use, but makes it harder to give away iron for free.


  1. Phantoms spawn in the End, not the overworld. They spawn regardless of players’ sleep schedule. Phantoms are annoying and the End was too safe. By moving them to the End, players do not have to deal with the annoyance in the Overworld, while the End becomes slightly more dangerous.

Raid Captains

  1. Raid Captains do not give bad omen during a raid. This increases the value of emeralds and totems.


  1. Villagers only trade enchanted books of level 1. This keeps the price of enchanted books up. Before this change, enchanted books cost 1 diamond per book at most, which allowed new players to quickly skip to maximum enchanted armour.
  2. Villagers only accepted emerald blocks as payment. They will pay players with regular emeralds. Obtaining items from villagers was typically easier than getting them manually. This change in trades makes players still able to get any item they want from villagers, but encourages them to get the items manually if they need them in bulk.
  3. Villagers always trade damageable items with the Curse of Immutability enchantment on it. This does not apply to enchanted books.
  4. Villagers require diamond blocks to trade golden carrots.



  1. Using an anvil on an item does not increase the repair cost of that item. The repair cost mechanic made it so after repairing or enchanting an item a couple times through an anvil, the cost became prohibitively expensive. This mechanic was removed and using an modifying an item in an anvil remains as-expensive regardless of how many times it has been modified before.
  2. The anvil has no maximum level cost any more. Even if the anvil says “too expensive”, players can still perform the modification if they have enough levels. If the anvil does not allow the player to take out an item that is “too expensive”, it is because the player does not have the required amount of levels. This allows players to make powerful weapons using the unstable enchanting system.


  1. Rockets do not provide propulsion in the End dimension. As End Cities spawn in a predictable grid pattern that can easily be flown across with an elytra, it becomes significantly easier to find new elytras if you already have one. This ensures new players stop receiving free elytras from established players.

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