Alinea Modpack

Alinea is a vanilla-compatible Minecraft server. That doesn’t mean we don’t love modifications! Many players like to use modifications to enhance their experience. This page lists some recommended modifcations, as well as instructions on how to install them.

We recommend using the Modrinth App to install, manage and update modifications.

Currated List

Below you will find a curated list of modifications we recommend to enhance your experience on Alinea. These modifications are not required, but they are highly recommended. If you prefer to have a ready-made pack, instead of building and customising your own, we assembled a Modrinth Pack for your convenience.

Alinea’s Favourites

The following modifications, while not necessary, are highly recommended.

  • Plasmo Voice ― Required to use proximity voice chat.
  • Bobby ― Increase your render distance above what the server allows.
  • Journeymap ― Full-featured minimap and world map, which integrates well with Alinea.
  • EMI ― Look up items and recipes in-game. Works with Alinea’s custom items and recipes.
  • Polymer ― Quality of life improvements when dealing with custom Alinea features
  • Anvil Too Expensive ― Accurately shows the cost of modifying an item in an anvil, when it is above 39 levels.

Performance Enhancers

The following modifications greatly enhance the performance of Minecraft, especially on lower-end systems.

  • Sodium ― Improves the rendering performance of Minecraft by a lot. Modern replacement for Optifine.
    • Indium ― Required when Sodium is combined with other modifications.
  • Lithium ― Improves the performance of Minecraft’s backend.
  • Starlight ― Improves the performance of Minecraft’s lighting engine.
  • Ferrite Core ― Decreases the amount of RAM Minecraft uses.
  • Krypton ― Slightly improves the performance of Minecraft’s networking.

Eye Candy

The following modifications make Minecraft look a lot better. A lot of these replace features you will find in Optifine.

  • Iris Shaders ― Add shaders to Minecraft.
    • On its own, this modification does not do anything. You need to combine it with a shader pack.
  • Continuity ― Add support for connected textures, such as glass panes.