Stackable✔️ (64)
Restores2 - 16

Skewer is a custom food item obtained from either crafting or cooking their raw counterpart. Note that in order to get the cooked skewer, the raw variant has to be made before cooking it.


Crafting non-cookable skewer

IngredientsCrafting recipe
Jacked potato
image of Crafting a veggie skewer
IngredientsCrafting recipe
image of Crafting a cookie skewer
IngredientsCrafting recipe
Caramelised Apple
image of Crafting a caramelised apple skewer

Crafting raw skewer

IngredientsCrafting recipe
Raw food
Any fuel
image of Crafting a beef skewer

Cooking cooked skewer

IngredientsCrafting recipe
Raw skewer
Any fuel
image of Cooking a beef skewer



To eat a skewer, press and hold use while it is selected in the hotbar. Eating one restores 2 - 16 hunger and 1 - 28 saturation.


Placing a skewer into a composter doesn’t raise the compost level.

Nourishment value

Nourishment is defined as the ratio of saturation to hunger points restored. Foods with higher nourishment values should be eaten when the hunger bar is more full. See the table below for the more detailed foods table for the exact hunger and saturation statistics of each food.

NameIconFood PointsSaturation restoredEffective qualitySaturation ratio
Axolotl SkewerAxolotl skewer719262.7
Beef SkewerBeef skewer66121
Caramelised Apple SkewerCaramelised Apple skewer1010201
Chicken SkewerChicken skewer4481
Cod SkewerCod skewer4150.3
Cooked Axolotl SkewerCooked axolotl skewer1428422
Cooked Beef SkewerCooked beef skewer1620361.3
Cooked Chicken SkewerCooked chicken skewer1211330.9
Cooked Cod SkewerCooked cod skewer1012221.2
Cooked Mutton SkewerCooked mutton skewer1215271.3
Cooked Porkchop SkewerCooked porkchop skewer1620361.3
Cooked Rabbit SkewerCooked rabbit skewer1018281.8
Cooked Salmon SkewerCooked salmon skewer1215271.3
Cookie SkewerCookie skewer4150.3
Mutton SkewerMutton skewer4481
Porkchop SkewerPorkchop skewer66121
Rabbit SkewerRabbit skewer66121
Salmon SkewerSalmon skewer2130.5
Veggie SkewerVeggie skewer815231.9

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