Music Discs

Alinea offers a variety of custom Music Discs. The community can vote for music that they want on a disc. Once a song gets enough upvoted, it gets added into the game. Obtaining them varies and will depend on what Binero wants. These discs are rare, wanted and limited.

Hollow Knight

Beneath the fading town of Dirtmouth sleeps an ancient, forgotten kingdom. Many are drawn beneath the surface, searching for riches, or glory, or answers to old secrets. Descend into Hallownest, traverse the depths, unravel its mysteries and conquer its evils. The score for Hollow Knight captures the vast underground world of the game. The story begins with soft piano notes echoing the Hollow Knight theme, and as the player explores further, orchestral forces swell to an operatic scale as the fate of the knight unfolds.

Alinea contains 41 soundtracks from Hollow Knight. They were requested by Zera.

Base Game

These 26 tracks are from the original vanilla Hollow Knight game.

IconSong Title
Enter HallownestEnter Hallownest
False KnightFalse Knight
Mantis LordsMantis Lords
City of TearsCity of Tears
Dung DefenderDung Defender
Crystal PeakCrystal Peak
Fungal WastesFungal Wastes
Decisive BattleDecisive Battle
Soul SanctumSoul Sanctum
Resting GroundsResting Grounds
Queen's GardensQueen’s Gardens
The White LadyThe White Lady
Broken VesselBroken Vessel
Kingdom's EdgeKingdom’s Edge
Dream BattleDream Battle
White PalaceWhite Palace
Sealed VesselSealed Vessel
Hollow KnightHollow Knight

Gods & Nightmares

These 15 tracks are from the Gods & Knights DLC for Hollow Knight.

IconSong Title
Hive KnightHive Knight
Truth, Beauty and HatredTruth, Beauty and Hatred
Nightmare Lantern (Interlude)Nightmare Lantern (Interlude)
The Grimm TroupeThe Grimm Troupe
Nightmare KingNightmare King
White DefenderWhite Defender
Pale CourtPale Court
Gods & GloryGods & Glory
Daughter of HallownestDaughter of Hallownest
Sisters of BattleSisters of Battle
Haunted FoesHaunted Foes
Furious GodsFurious Gods
Pure VesselPure Vessel


In light of the Christmas spirit, Alinea has added some of the most famous christmas songs.


IconArtistSong Title
record merry christmasGrand ProjectWe Wish You A Merry Christmas
record christmasDmitry TarasChristmas
record christmas bellsDmitry TarasChristmas Bells
record christmas vacationDmitry TarasChristmas Vacation
record jingle bellsKevin MacLeodJingle Bells

National Anthems

Alinea offers some of the national anthems of certain countries. Contact a member of staff for the anthem of your country to be added!

record anthem australiaAustraliaAdvance Australia Fair
record anthem belgiumBelgiumLa Brabançonne
record anthem canadaCanadaO Canada
record anthem columbiaColumbiaOh Gloria Inmarcesible
record anthem europeEuropeOde to Joy
record anthem franceFranceMarseillaise
record anthem germanyGermanyDas Lied der Deutschen
record_anthem_italy.webpItalyIl Canto degli Italiani
record_anthem_latvia.webpLatviaDievs, svētī Latviju!
record_anthem_mexico.webpMexicoHimno Nacional Mexicano
record_anthem_netherlands.webpThe NetherlandsWilhelmus
record_anthem_norway.webpNorwayJa, vi elsker dette landet
record_anthem_poland.webpPolandMazurek Dąbrowskiego
record_anthem_slovakia.webpSlovakiaNad Tatrou sa blýska
record_anthem_sweden.webpSwedenDu gamla, du fria
record_anthem_ukraine.webpUkraineДержавний Гімн України
record_anthem_usa.webpUSAThe Star-Spangled Banner

The French anthem plays through the entire Minecraft server at French midnight between Sunday and Monday, as a tribute to the Cave Town revolution.


Alinea contains two sountracks from the video game series Portal.

IconSong Title
record still aliveStill Alive
record want you goneWant You Gone

They were requested by Smurfaxa.


Some players composed their own music discs for Alinea.

IconPlayerMusic Disc
record upbeat chordMgcBlackoutUpbeat Chord
record hype trainwaveJDMHype Train
record pling plongFeet_GoblinPling Plong

Random Discs

These tracks aren’t categorised and are a mix of random tracks.

IconArtistSong TitleLicense
record goldberg haprichord 988 3Unknown (Bach, Johann Sebastian)Haprichord 988 Variatio 3Public Domain
record sirenDelilahEnder Dragon SirenCC BY 3.0
record in the hall of the mountain kingUnknown (Grieg, Edvard)In the Hall of the Mountain KingPublic Domain
record fluffing a duckMacLeod, KevinFluffing a DuckCC BY 4.0
record george street shuffleMacLeod, KevinGeorge Street ShuffleCC BY 3.0
record night in veniceMacLeod, KevinNight in VeniceCC BY 4.0
record we shopMilman, PhilipWe ShopCC BY 3.0
record cello suit no 1Milman, Philip (Bach, Johann Sebastian)Cello suit No. 1CC BY 3.0
record 25 hourMilman, PhilipThe 25th HourCC BY 3.0
record blue danubeMilman, Philip (Strauss, Johann)Blue danubeCC BY 3.0
record also sprach zarathustraMilman, Philip (Strauss, Richard)Also sprach ZarathustraCC BY 3.0
record love themeMilman, Philip (Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich)Love themeCC BY 3.0
record russian danceMilman, Philip (Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich)Russian danceCC BY 3.0
record winterMilman, Philip (Vivaldi, Antonio)WinterCC BY 3.0
record saloon ragShaw, JasonSaloon ragCC BY 4.0
record vanishing horizonShaw, JasonVanishing horizonCC BY 4.0
record 8 bit marchTwin Musicom8-Bit marchCC BY 4.0
record tom perryTwin MusicomTom perryCC BY 4.0

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