The Underground


The Underground on Alinea is a cave dimension accessible via an elevator. This dimension resets regularly, meaning players can mine here without having to venture far from the spawn area. The Underground is filled with more and larger caves than the Overworld.

There are nine different biomes in the Underground, each with unique features. The biomes are:

  • Deep Dark Underground: Similar to the deep dark biome in the Overworld, this biome can be home to ancient cities and the Warden.
  • Deep Underground: A normal cave biome, but where the deepslate layer starts up way higher than y=0y=0.
  • Fungal Underground: A biome filled with mycelium.
  • Lush Underground: Similar to the lush cave biome found in the Overworld, this biome is filled with clay and lush flora such as hanging roots and glow berries.
  • Underground: A normal cave biome.
  • Underground Desert: A desert biome with sand and sandstone.
  • Underground Mesa: A mesa biome with terracotta.
  • Very Deep Underground: The deepest part of the underground. This biome contains no stone or deepslate, only bedrock. It still spawns ores and dungeons.
  • Wet Underground: Similar to the dripstone caves biome found in the Overworld, this biome is filled with water and dripstone.


Traveling to the Underground is done via an elevator located in the Overworld. Its location is the same in the Overworld as in the Underground itself, at (1500;1300)(-1500; 1300). It travels back and forth every ten minutes. When the clock hits 0, the elevator up from the Underground into the Overworld. When the clock hits 5, the elevator will down from the Overworld to the Underground.

hh:00(Underground ↗ Overworld)
hh:05(Overworld ↘ Underground)
hh:10(Underground ↗ Overworld)
hh:15(Overworld ↘ Underground)
hh:20(Underground ↗ Overworld)
hh:25(Overworld ↘ Underground)
hh:30(Underground ↗ Overworld)
hh:35(Overworld ↘ Underground)
hh:40(Underground ↗ Overworld)
hh:45(Overworld ↘ Underground)
hh:50(Underground ↗ Overworld)
hh:55(Overworld ↘ Underground)

Ore Spawning

Ore spawning in the Underground is completely identical to the Overworld, with one exception: to compensate for the increased amount of caves, ores are slightly less likely to spawn inside cave walls.