Custom Discs

Music Discs

Below is a list of custom music discs that can be found on Alinea. These discs can be played in jukeboxes. They are typically awarded through events, contests, or other community activities.

Disc NameArtist
Ich Bin StaffHatsune Jeremy
My EmpireHatsune Jeremy
Better Than YouHatsune Jeremy
My Mushy LoveThe Mushy Boys
Magic MushroomThe Mushy Boys
Spore MaxxingThe Mushy Boys

National Anthems

Both the French and the Ukranian national anthems are available as music discs. The French anthem (“La Marseillaise”) is awarded every Monday at 0:00 UTC to a random logged-in player. The Ukranian anthem (“Державний Гімн України”) is awarded sporadically without a set schedule.


There are two holiday music discs. These can typically be obtained during the holiday season.

  • Jingle Bells by Kevin MacLeod
  • Presents On Christmas Morning by Steve Oxen

Ender Dragon Siren

When the Ender Dragon is slain, it will drop a music disc that plays the siren sound heard during the fight. The disc is called “Ender Dragon Siren”, and the sound was produced by Delilah, who licensed it under CC BY 3.0.